Vision 550 Fairing
Vent Handle Repair

This is a guide explaining a way to fix the vent tabs for the Yamaha 550 Vision.
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Last Update May2001
   Dave "Leather" Draper  JET_AV8R@CSI.COM

The custom fairing offered in 1983 Visions has vents along the side for cool air or heated air coming off the engine. The vent louvers are locked in place by a small plastic tab. This tab bends (since its plastic) and locks in place into notches cut onto the fairing vent. Well, as you can expect, after many years the plastic fatigues and the tab cracks off. How do you lock the vent in place now?

This page depicts one easy way to fabricate (fix) a new locking tab onto the vent louvre.

 The vent louvre when broken looks like this
 The vent louvre After New Tab Added
You are adding a small metal bar that can pivot up or down. A spring pulls it up so that it engages the notches cut into the fairing. The tip (where the arrows are in figure above) is what sticks out of the fairing. You can pull down on it, readjust the vent, and then let it snap back UP locking the vent in place. Here are some notes:

 Photos Of Fairing With New Vent Lever

Notice lever bar is bent twice (mild "Z") to offset it away from louver.
If bar is left straight then vent will not open all the way.