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Original sales brochure for the '83 Vision 550 RJ550RK

1037x816 pixels (672.5K)

2026x810 pixels (1803.3K)

2066x808 pixels (1850.5K)

840x816 pixels (685.0K)

1044x814 pixels (825.5K)

1031x804 pixels (575.7K)

1280x859 pixels (191.7K)

400x300 pixels (25.6K)

Sales brochure for the xz400 ??!!

Yep... there was a 400.

Sold in Japan and where else?

345x230 pixels (97.4K)

600x216 pixels (21.6K)

600x212 pixels (20.8K)

600x212 pixels (20.5K)

325x230 pixels (94.1K)

325x230 pixels (94.4K)

383x261 pixels (18.6K) 348x231 pixels (18.4K) 480x329 pixels (259.2K) 320x230 pixels (97.6K) 324x230 pixels (100.1K) 323x230 pixels (87.5K) 400x300 pixels (14.5K) 1024x768 pixels (88.3K) 400x300 pixels (17.7K)

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